Who We Are

The app to plan your events!
We love to Celebrate and make people happy.

Hi! I am Ani, a working mother and wife with a passion for celebrations and creating memories with my family and friends. Everything started when I got engaged, then I had the bridal shower, bachelorette party and of course, the big day “The Wedding Day”. Not long afterwards I had my first baby and with that, the gender reveal, baby shower, the religious ceremony, first year birthday party…. And all the celebrations you can imagine!

A few years later I find myself experiencing the miracle of birth once again! And so the celebrations continue except now there are more events and school activities and parties and dinners! While I enjoy planning and hosting events my biggest strength was always getting things done efficiently. I have always been pretty organized and productive. However, add two kids, a husband, a business, my kids school activities and a million other things and staying organized and efficient becomes a very big challenge. I found myself spending way too much time planning parties and events, not getting the services that I expected, I paid way too much money and worst part of all I was stressed out during the entire process!!

So I started to think of ways that I could make this process easier and more efficient not just for me but for all of you that are juggling a million things. A process that allows you to plan a party, an event, even a simple dinner from start to finish. And that is how Wehpah was born!

Wehpah is a full service party planning app! With this APP you have the ability to create amazing and unique parties in the comfort of your home stress free! Using our technology platform you will be able to find everything you need to throw a party and have fun at the same time! I am so excited to be part of the moments in your life that you will be celebrating!