Gender Reveal


One of the most exciting, fun and creative celebrations is the gender reveal! Today we use decorative elements, desserts and games, even guests dress using the color of the new member of the family!

Wehpah gives you creative ideas to reveal the sex of your baby!

Giant black balloon

Inflate a giant balloon with helium and fill it with lots of confetti and powder with the color of the baby’s sex. It’s important it is black so that nothing can be seen from the outside. When the moment arrives, the parents take the balloon and one of them or a selected guest exploits it to reveal the sex of the baby!

If parents and family wear a white shirt, the powder and confetti will fall on them and the photos will be beautiful!

Surprise piñata

The piñata has to be made in the shape of a baby, a gift box or a baby bottle and be filled with balloons, confetti and objects of the baby’s sex color. If the piñata has ribbons, the future parents pull them so all the elements come out and give the big surprise. If it doesn’t have the ribbons, it can be revealed as normally is done with the traditional piñatas, you make a round with the guests to knock it down with a stick.

Surprise box

Take a huge box, decorated outside with neutral color or pink and blue, fill it with many helium balloons of different sizes and place it in an open space of the place of the celebration. When the great new is going to be revealed, parents will open the box, letting the balloons rise to heaven!

Sharing a passion

If the parents or the family share an activity, hobby or sport, this reveal can be super original! For example, if baseball, they will hit baseball balls that are bought online and they already have a colored powder inside. If you enjoy motorcycles, for example, dust of the color of sex can be placed in the exhaust pipe, ignited and accelerated, the great news being revealed.

The cake

In every celebration the cake is so important! When you cut it, the color of the filling or cake will reveal the sex of the baby. It can also be done with cupcakes and everyone, at the same time, bites them and the color inside will reveal if it’s a boy or a girl!

Wehpah recommends you increase the intrigue in your guests, place a blackboard in the entrance, which is divided in half and write Boy on one side and Girl on the other. Each guest will place their name on the side that corresponds their intuition or opinion. After revealing the sex of the baby, give a small favor as a prize to those who won!

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